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List of titles of science projects


DNA evidence of hunting practices in Svalbard over 400 years

Zooarchaeology of surface remains at a Russian Pomor hunting site


Assessment of dominant marine coastal species and non-indigenous species with eDNA (RIS-id=11352)

Bird census and historical places from previous expeditions

Microbical biodiversity and the search for metabolic pathways

How does macroalgal cover change between intertidal habitats differentially affected by rising temperatures on Svalbard?

Soil invertebrates

Arctic and alpine fungi occuring in Svalbard (RIS-id=11507)

Distribution of seabirds and marine mammals


eDNA: analysing spatial and temporal variation in marine predators

Assessment of native and new freshwater fish species

Tracking rapid Arctic marine changes with simple tools: e-DNA and microplastic identifiers in seabird faeces (RIS-id=11351)

Changes in coastal communities with eDNA and visual methods


Reconstruct recent and past climate and environmental change by investigating lake deposits (RIS-id=11526)

Lake sediments and organic geochemical paleotemperature proxies

Plankton communities in Arctic lakes

Methane emissions and microbial communities from lakes (RIS-id=13142)

Tundra ponds on the move

Goose impacts on biological communities in Arctic ponds under contrasting climates


Depths of Winter: Estabilishing a baseline survey for high resolution glacier melt on Edgeøya. (RIS-id=11513)

Movement patterns of people on arctic tundra

Rates and interactions between landscape- and soil-forming processes (RIS-id=11481)

Survey of reindeer abundance and distribution

Dynamics of ionospheric plasma and irregularities over Svalbard (RIS-id=11525)

Bringing arctic experience to school kids


The Arctic Marine Litter Project - Sources, causes and solutions (RIS-id=11528)

Mercury levels in soil and vegetation of arctic terrestrial ecosystems.

Plastic particles in polar water systems of southeastern Svalbard

Ship based measurements of NO2 and aerosols (RIS-id=11487)

Baseline contaminant assessment on the remote Storfjorden coasts of southeast Svalbard

social science

A comparative cultural history study about the symbolic value of expeditions (RIS-id=11840)

Address cumulative impacts of increasing polar tourism (RIS-id=11493)

The language of perceptions (RIS-id=11482)

Perceptions of collaborative research (RIS-id=9565)

Understanding of the appreciation of environmental change in Svalbard

Notion of 'nature' of natural scientists (RIS-id=11528)

Understanding how experiencing environmental change in the Arctic affects climate action

Landscapes of knowledge and understanding (RIS-id=11945)

What do people appreciate most during the expedition


The changing vegetation and landscape in Rosenbergdalen (RIS-id=11496)

Vegetation phenology affecting moulting goose distribution (RIS-id=11520)

Towards efficient monitoring of arctic bryophyte diversity (RIS-id=11517)

Mapping of vegetation

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