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Details of a science project

Ship based measurements of NO2 and aerosols

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Air pollution measurements in the Arctic are rare. We will measure (on the ship) NO2 and aerosols using the MAXDOAS instrument, which was proven to work well during SEES2015 to a) validate satellite data and model output, b) interpret transport of air pollution to the Arctic, and c) compare the observations to the 2015 (and other) data. During the SEES2015 campaign the standalone operation of the MAXDOAS on the ship was successfully tested, and knowledge gained will be applied to improve the stability and completeness of the observations during

02 mei 2022 in Dutch: KNMI nieuwsbericht over de apparatuur die geplaatst is op het expeditieschip Ortelius onder de titel: Luchtvervuiling in het Noordpoolgebied.

People involved in the project Richard Bintanja.

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