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Details of a science project

Changes in coastal communities with eDNA and visual methods


Edgeøya is located in the southeast of Svalbard and still relatively isolated from warmer currents that travel north along the west coast. However, warmer currents may eventually reach this area and shipping activities are already increasing, holding the potential of introducing new species. Both warming and new species may impact local marine biodiversity. Information on coastal marine biodiversity and presence of non-indigenous species in Storfjorden is limited. During the SEES2020 expedition marine samples will be collected at Kapp Lee to describe the coastal marine system using novel eDNA and traditional identification methods. This will act as baseline for future changes.

The project was designed by Paul Renaud, who could not participate in 2022 and introduced Emilia Sztybor to replace him.

People involved in the project Martine van den Heuvel, Emilia Sztybor.

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