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Details of a science project

Microbical biodiversity and the search for metabolic pathways


During SEES-2022 we will study microbial biodiversity and its dynamics compared to 2015. Focusing on its possible relations to climate change, pollution, (recent) industrial activities and increased marine traffic-movements. Additionally, we will use the unique pristine biodiversity of the Arctic ecosystem in our search for metabolic pathways (genetic level and living organisms) related to 1) the production of biopolymers (such as PHA) at low temperatures, 2) the subsequent cell-lysis of bacteria/algae for release of biopolymers and 3) the fate of such biobased plastics (biodegradation). The microbes and enzymes are of interest for sustainable (low temperature and low energy demanding) production of green and biodegradable chemicals that are produced intracellularly by bacteria/algae (e.g. bioplastics), making them competitive with the industrial production of fossil-based chemicals/plastics.

People involved in the project Janneke Krooneman.

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