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Details of a science project

Understanding of the appreciation of environmental change in Svalbard

theme:social science

SEES2020 will bring together people with varied and deep interests in and knowledge of Svalbard. We propose to capitalise on this unique opportunity by capturing detailed understanding of environmental change experienced by SEES participants working in and/or exploring Svalbard. The method envisaged is qualitative conversational style interviewing complemented by (micro-ethnographic) walk-alongs and a reflexive visual research approach using maps and photographs (both extant and research-driven). We will thereby be able to convey a rich and deep understanding of environmental change in Svalbard and contribute to reflexive dialogues and meetings on board that will enrich the experience of expedition members.

People involved in the project Annette Löff, René van der Wal, Zdenka Sokolíčková.

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