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Details of a science project

Landscapes of knowledge and understanding

theme:social science
RIS-id = 11945

Thematically anchored in the project SVALUR (Understanding Resilience and Long-Term Environmental Change in the High Arctic: Narrative-Based Analyses from Svalbard), and methodologically embedded in social anthropology, the project will look into the affective and relational landscapes of knowledge production. Questions of interest are: What is the emotional/affective aspect of knowledge production during a scientific expedition? What does the landscape of relations look like among various actors (scientists, other passengers, crew, guides, non-human actors)? How is knowledge being produced, what are its drivers and challenges? What is the difference between knowledge about and understanding of environmental change? What kind of stories of change are being lived and reproduced? Special attention will be paid to research "qualified" as long-term monitoring (its meaning, importance, character, motivation and problems). Methods include participant observation, conversations of both formal and informal character, auto-ethnography, experimental methods such as collective audio-visual diary entries, daily questions for expedition members posted on a flip chart, and group reflection sessions. The project is part of the 2022 expedition. Data will be created through interaction with other expedition members, both on board and on land. No specific data collection sites are thus indicated.

People involved in the project Zdenka Sokolíčková.

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