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Details of a science project

Movement patterns of people on arctic tundra


Tourism can create soil erosion on heavy visited routes. How close do they stick together and use the same path? Does this pattern change after they have been warned for polar bear activity?

With a GPS-logger-app on their telephones, we want to study the patterns of movement of the various participants of the expedition while they have landed on a tundra site. Do scientists, tourists or journalists move in different patterns or speeds? Do social units stick together all the time? Are people taking exactly the same track? How far are people away from their guards?
At the end of each day, the tracks are collected and stored. Participants on this project need to give their consent for the use of their data, the data will be pseudonymised and the results shared with them before publishing.

People involved in the project Renno Hokwerda, Frits Steenhuisen, Maarten Loonen.

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