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Details of a science project

The changing vegetation and landscape in Rosenbergdalen

RIS-id = 11496

Rosenbergdalen is a valley close to Kapp Lee on the north-east side of Edgeøya. In 1977, the vegetation was intensively mapped with 131 quadrats of 1x1 m2 and a list of 72 plant species by Hester Heinemeijer. In 2015 we re-visited the site and re-mapped 34 of these quadrats and the close environment to study vegetation change. The changes in coverage and species composition were spectacular. In 2020 we want to continue mapping the vegetation at the earlier used quadrats and intensify permafrost measurements of active layer depth variation using scanning equipment and citizen science.

People involved in the project Maarten Loonen, Wouter Rooke, René van der Wal, Mennobart van Eerden, Leo Jalink, Michael Stech, Hans Kruijer, Koos de Vries, Christophe Brochard.

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