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Netherlands Scientific Expedition Edgeøya Spitsbergen

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Information for scientists outside The Netherlands

We are repeating a unique scientific expedition to Edgeøya on the east side of Svalbard as we did in 2015. The Dutch research council provided funds to bring over 60 scientists with the ship Ortelius to this location. About 40 tourists can buy a berth on board as well (price from 6.200 euro).

Scientists from Norway, Germany, France and UK are invited to participate on this expedition. Presence on the ship for free (value € 6000). You have to pay for your trip to Longyearbyen by your own funds.

We have had a meeting at the residence of the Dutch asmbassador on 6 November 2019, at the end of the Svalbard Science Conference, In this meeting we presented further information on how to apply. An application form can be found here. Deadline for sending in this application form for foreign scientists to is 23 December 2019.

If neccessary, you can contact us at

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